Leo Horoscopes


    DAILY LEO HOROSCOPE September 6, 2015

    Leo (July 23 – August 22)
    Affirmation for this week of CREATIVITY – “I live my life with creative expression. New activities stir my imagination and encourage me to share my unique view of the world with others.” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Swan, Color: Purple, Number: 3)

    SUNDAY: Your movements could be subject to change at a moment’s notice under today’s ethereal Cancer Moon, so keep your schedule open and flexible. Power struggles will vanish if you’ll simply release control of a situation and let the cards fall where they may. The Venus will resume forward motion reveal information you’ve been unable to access for months! Wear copper today and watch it expand your options for the future, as it can attract new dreams and ideas to you like an electric current!

    WATCH OUT FOR: stubbornness and controlling behavior
    AIM FOR: flexibility and allowing others to have their way
    KEEP IN MIND: Don’t dig your heels in today; simply go with the flow and be open to compromise. Otherwise, you’ll just spend the day in frustration and resentment.



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    DAILY LEO HOROSCOPE September 6, 2015

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